4 Accessories For Your New Boat

4 Accessories For Your New Boat

1 November 2017
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If you have recently purchased a new boat, you may be looking to kit it out with accessories which will make your sailing trips safer and more enjoyable. Below is a guide to some of the accessories you may wish to invest in.

A Swivel Chair

As captain of your vessel, you will spend a lot of time at the controls. The standard seats installed on pleasure boats are often made of hard plastic which can be uncomfortable. Also, a plastic seat is normally in a fixed position, which means you will need to twist your body and turn your neck in order to see to the side and the rear of your vessel. Investing in a specialist swivel chair can help to solve these problems. Marine swivel chairs feature a waterproof cushion, and the swivel action means that you can easily turn the chair around to face another direction without placing any strain on your neck or your spine.

A Retrieval Magnet

A retrieval agent is a powerful magnet which can be used to recover metal objects which have fallen overboard. When operating your boat, it is very easy for pegs and other metal tools to fall into the water. When this happens, many boat owners simply give up and accept that the object is lost forever. However, if you have a retrial magnet, this may not be the case. By lowering the retrieval magnet at the spot where the object entered the water, you can increase the chance that you will be able to recover it.

Several Fishing Rod Holders

If you plan to use your boat for deep sea fishing, you should consider installing fishing rod holders on the deck of your vessel. As the name suggests, a fishing rod holder will hold your rods in place during your fishing expedition. This means that you can keep your hands free so you can prepare bait, assess your current position or enjoy a cold beer.

A Spotlight

If you plan to sail during the hours of darkness, you should install a spotlight on the roof of your boat. This will illuminate the sea in front of you while also making you highly visible to any other shipping in the area.

If you would like to find out more about the various accessories which are available to you, you should contact a company that has accessories and new boats for sale.