Questions You Might Have About a BBQ Boat Hire

Questions You Might Have About a BBQ Boat Hire

10 January 2018
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A BBQ boat hire is a great way to relax on the water and enjoy some freshly grilled food as well. These boats are not meant for speed, but for a leisurely day on the lake or ocean, and they can usually accommodate a moderate crowd, so you can enjoy time with friends or can entertain clients with something unique! If you're thinking about a BBQ boat hire, note a few questions you might have about such a boat and its rental, and this will ensure you choose one that works for you, and that you know what's involved in its use. 

Can you bring your own food and equipment?

Many BBQ boat hires allow you to bring your own food, but they may have certain limits on what type of food is allowed, so that nothing damages their grills. There may also be restrictions on anything that would become a fire hazard, such as your own cooking utensils, whereas additional coolers may be allowed. Some rental boat locations may allow alcohol, and others may not, but others may even have a tiki bar with alcoholic drinks they offer! Since these rules will vary from company to company, and may depend on the size and type of boat you rent, always ask if you're thinking of bringing your own food or equipment.

How safe are BBQ boats with a big crowd?

You may notice that most, if not all, BBQ boats have a flat bottom. This is to keep the boat balanced and steady even when there is a large crows onboard. Because of its square shape and how that larger floor disperses the weight of passengers, a BBQ boat is nearly impossible to tip or to sink, and is not likely to take on water, even when the crowd is moving or dancing.

Can you fish with a BBQ boat?

A BBQ boat may allow fishing, and you may even have the fish cleaned and cooked on the grill if you should catch something while on the water. However, note that the smaller size of the boat and engine often means that a BBQ boat can't head too far away from shore, as it may not be equipped to handle the choppier water of the ocean. The engine will also have limited fuel capacity for returning to shore. You might not expect to go deep sea fishing with such a boat, but might still be able to fish for smaller species, if allowed by the boat charter company.